Front Cross Draw:
A cross-draw knife is positioned for the wearer to reach across the centerline of the body with the right hand, and draw from the left side.

Scout Carry:
In scout carry, a knife is worn horizontally parallel to the belt. The sheath is typically worn at the small of the centre of the back, but it's also sometimes positioned on the left side for right hand cross-draw (from the back) or right side for left hand cross-draw (from the back).

Cant is usually seen in Scout carry. Instead of the knife sheathed horizontally, a Cant is at a slight angle. An angled carry can make the fixed blade easier to deploy from the sheath from the right hand when carrying to the left side.

Belt OWB (tip down):
The most typical subset of belt carry involves attaching the sheath to the belt outside the waistband on the right-side. This would be the 3:00 position for right-handed users.

Belt Drop leg:
A knife and sheath hanging loosely off the hip, attached to the belt on the right side. This would be the 3:00 position for right-handed users.